About Me

I am a romantic, natural light portraits photographer living in Bloomington, Illinois and enjoy a cozy life with my hubby Wilson and two dogs—our fun and crazy Pomeranian American Eskimo mix Sophie and sweet, mellow Mini Dachshund Wendy. I was born and raised in New Jersey and we also love to travel, especially wherever there is good food! In our free time, you can find us cooking up a storm in the kitchen, snuggling our dogs, or spending time separately on each of our hobbies (Wilson is an aquarium enthusiast!).

Ever since I was little, I knew I would grow up to be an artist or work in a creative field. Today, I am a photographer, artist, designer and foodie! I've always loved art, fantasy, fairytales, fashion, and romance. I love to capture photos of love and life, the big moments and the small, the laughter and the sweet smiles. Capturing love and memories to cherish forever is so special to me. I like to find beauty in the details because it helps us to change the way we see and remember our world.

I've photographed everything from newborns to birthdays, couples engagement and maternity photos, to fashion models and pet portraits! I love getting to know my models and couples and helping them achieve beautifully natural, intimate and tender moments in their photos. My photoshoots are always fun, casual and full of laughter and silliness!

My husband and I are a team and he often assists me on photo shoots and is sometimes my 2nd photographer—(he's especially good with helping me get shots at taller heights or spotting angles and locations!) We have a blast working together and I wouldn't have it any other way. ❤️ I'd love to get to know you and see how we can work together to capture your special moment!

Here's some more info about me!

  • I am ob-freaking-sessed with dogs and fluffy dog butts make me happy
  • I love to go crabbing and clamming but have no patience for fishing
  • Both of us are Hufflepuffs
  • I am Chinese, part Filipino and have the tiniest bit of Spanish blood in my DNA
  • I love traveling!
  • I can speak a tiny bit of French, Japanese and Korean, but if you respond to me thinking I can hold a conversation, nope nope nope
  • I love myself a good Mojito or Pina Colada
  • I wish I could live in Hawaii and seriously considered moving there at one point
  • I love everything to do with the ocean. Our wedding was vintage glam, ocean, pirate & mermaid themed!
  • I am easily bribed with food (esp. noodles, dumplings, pizza or Korean BBQ!)
  • I am LGBTQ+ friendly! Love is love is love.